How does it work?

All users who buy VCH tokens from ROIC.FINANCE, and staking it on our system, they will get weekly rewards automatically in their wallet. Additionally, they will get a return of their staking once the period of staking ends.

What is Staking?

Staking derives from the PoS (Proof-of-stake) mechanism, staking is a mechanism that allows holders of a certain currency to earn rewards in an automatic way. Staking payouts are distributed to people that hold tokens (such as VCH) and delegate voting rights to staking pools. The more validations allocated to a staking pool, the greater the likelihood of being voted to generate the next block, and the greater the likelihood of receiving more rewards.

How do you start staking?

A user must buy VCH tokens from ROIC FINANCE to start staking. Once you choose the plan you like, your tokens immediately start staking on our system and generate your rewards.

How long does it take to stake and unstake?

Once you purchase the VCH tokens on ROIC FINANCE platform and chose the duration of Staking, it starts immediately, which means there is no way to unstake, other than waiting for the period to expire.



Who can receive staking rewards?

Anyone who purchased VCH tokens on ROIC.FINANCE platform and staked it, will receive staking rewards automatically. without any actions required from your side.

In which currency the users will get their reward?

All Rewards will get paid on a VCH token, the same token that you STAKED on our system.

What are the staking rewards for VCH?

With ROIC FINANCE, the staking rewards are flexible and generous, the more period you staked the VCH tokens the more rewards you will get. The staking rewards for VCH can reach up to 100% APY.

Is ROIC FINANCE system profitable?

ROIC FINANCE system is one of the most profitable staking systems in the market. It lets users who hold VCH tokens receive incentives and weekly rewards from only Staking. They can earn up to 100% and more.

How are rewards shared with users?

Rewards are distributed automatically. the aggregated weekly rewards yield, and the total reward are given, which will explain the formula for eligibility calculation, interest rates, and other related information.



What is the minimum to start staking on ROIC FINANCE?

The minimum amount to stake VCH tokens on the ROIC FINANCE system is 1000 VCH.

Is staking VCH tokens safe?

Staking with ROIC FINANCE is easy, safe, and extremely convenient. The property of ROIC FINANCE wallet, which is trusted and safe, and properly carries out of all POS networks. it takes great care to safeguard our users from any additional dangers, saving them the time and effort of staking independently.

Which tokens can I stake?

ROIC FINANCE does not support any other coins or tokens. ROIC FINANCE has a special token (VCH). and it's the only token you can stake on the system to get rewards.

Can I buy tokens to stake from ROIC FINANCE?

ROIC FINANCE is a system created for the purpose of selling and distributing only VCH tokens.

Can I stake VCH on exchanges like Binance and Coinbase?

You can’t stake VCH on exchanges at the moment. You can stake VCH only on ROIC FINANCE.